The GRA recently carried three gender analysis for GIZ in climate and environmental management Programmes. For each gender analysis we develop has a unique research framework and methodology. Focused on key gender questions we use our experience combined with widely accepted gender frameworks, to ensure that our clients get tailored insights and recommendations that pinpoint key gender issues in their Programmes. Collaborative, ethical and robust methodologies are key to our approach to our research, analysis and resulting recommendations. Where possible, we also aim to build the gender capacity of clients and stakeholders during investigation processes.

“The Gender Analysis was required in an unprecedented turnaround time, which the GRA delivered and with the highest quality. Consistent communication through key phases of the analysis ensured smooth completion of interim milestones, and a well-received analysis with highly complimented quality from various company Gender Focal Points and management.
The level of detail included in the analysis and the professional and insightful conducting of interviews meant that appropriate and targeted measures were recommended for inclusion in our Programme proposal. In addition, the interviews inspired confidence, and left stakeholders with a positive view of the Programme to be implemented.”

GIZ 2021

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